Book Excerpt: 
Here is the first chapter of my second book, Times of Grace: Encountering God in Every Season of Lfe. 
Season of Awakening - Times of Grace

Spiritual Tools:
These resources can help you make progress on your spiritual journey. 

This tool will help you in a life review, analyzing your spiritual journey through the seasons described in Times of Grace
My Spiritual Journey

Here is a prayer jounal template that will help you determine which spiritual season you are currently experiencing so that you can bear much fruit. 
Prayer Journal Template

Are you part of a book club? Consider reading Times of Grace together. These questions provide a structure for your discussion. 
Book Discussion Questions: Times of Grace

Podcast Notes:
This document comes from the podcast episode called "Names of Jesus." It is a litany of some of the names of Jesus and may be helpful in your prayer life. 
Litany of the Names of Jesus

Writing published on other websites:
Two blog posts for writers, published on Write These Words. 
Making Progress in Your Writing

It Takes a Village to Write