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Times of Grace: Encountering God in Every Season of Life
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The spiritual life is a journey - one that is not mapped out, but explored without knowing what dangers, joys, or sorrows we will encounter along the way. The final destination is eternal life in Heaven with God. In this book you will find descriptions of seventeen different seasons in the spiritual life, including Awakening, Longing, Study, Soaring, Suffering, Burnout, and Peace. As you explore each season, you will discover: 
  • How to identify the season you are currently living. 
  • God's movements in each season. 
  • Common spiritual attacks and how to respond. 
  • Helpful spiritual practices to bear fruit in each season. 
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Nearer My God to Thee
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This book offers 65 simple ideas for anyone seeking to grow in their relationship with God. Each idea is presented in less than two pages and includes personal life experiences and Biblical wisdom. Each chapter ends with a series of questions to ponder in prayer about how to apply the ideas to your life. The book will help you discover ways to make progress in the spiritual journey today and in the future.  
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